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The Combined Services Powerlifting Association (CSPA) is the governing body for all armed forces powerlifting. Each service is a member of the CSPA and individuals are selected to represent the Combined Services at specific competitions during the lifting year.

Powerlifting in the Armed Forces has been present since the late 1980’s when the Royal Air Force Powerlifting Association (RAFPA) was formed to promote strength sports in the service. In 2004 the Army Powerlifting Union (APU) was formed and the Royal Navy Powerlifting Association (RNPA) formed in 2006.  The CSPA was formally recognised in 2010.

All levels of service lifting are associated to the British Drugs Free Powerlifting Association (BDFPA).  This is due to its unequivocal commitment to drugs free sport and testing regime, it is the only association the armed forces is linked to.

World Single lifts 2014, 317.5 kg winning lift

World Single lifts 2014, 317.5 kg winning lift

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