The new insurance line number has gone live and is 01708 336508.  For each policy sold the CSPA will receive more sponsorship.  RCIB is the led broker in high risk drivers and is run by Mike Joseph who adds the personal touch by reviewing all policies himself.  Never one to turn anyone down, call to find out what they can do for you.  Other insurance types available.


The link has been formed not only by Mikes passion for the sport but out of respect for the Armed Forces and the role we undertake. Right Choice aligns with the CSPA in terms of we in the forces are faced with critical decisions everyday but also our stance on drugs free sport – Right Choice – is more than just a play on words it is the ethos of the sport in general.

Combined Services Powerlifting Team Championships

Well done to the Army men’s team and the Navy ladies for their wins at the recent CSPA team event held at RAF Wittering on the 25th Sep 13

The next championship will be held at RAF Wittering on 24th Sep 14, with an AGM held on the same day.  The 23rd will see a referees course and Master of Ceremonies Training conducted.

Supplement Awareness and CDT Policy:

All those using or considering using supplements are advised to become conversant with all aspects of this topic via the recent DINs and AKE initiatives as linked below:

BDFPA Membership:

Those individuals who wish to join the BDFPA are able to join as part of TEAM CSPA.  This means £15.00 membership.  All service events are classed as qualifying events for the National Championships each year

Courses and training:

CSPA have entered into a training agreement with KBT training to deliver a number of courses for military personnel which allows the use of SLC’s for the year.  Course dates are available at the events link and listed on the KBT site –



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